5 tips to save your Social media accounts from hackers for entrepreneurs and Business People

      Social media, Recent days many people are using their part of life. Social media play a major role in virtual communication. And also many Entrepreneurs and Businessmen use the main source for these social media handles. But nowadays unfortunately many people are losing their social media accounts from Hackers. And the same time some other people are without social media knowledge, they meet big failure to their business, Here list best ten tips to stay safe from Social media, Specially for entrepreneurs and Businessmen.

Use Strong Password

      For Social media accounts, a Password is the very important one. So use a strong password using mixed characters like one capital letter, small letters, Numbers, Special Characters. [Eg. Tips4u@idea]

Use Different Passwords

      Many people make a big mistake here, most of the people use the same password for their all social media accounts. So please try to use different passwords with using hinds for your reference.

Use two-factor Authentication

      Now all social media accounts have this option to give more security to your accounts, So enable this option. If you enable this option no one cant access your account without your permission.

Don’t click Unwanted DM links

      Now, most of the social media accounts are hacked, just send via links. So don’t click an unknown person’s spam message links. If you are a businessman or entrepreneur sure you will get a lot of unknown DM, But before clicking those links once refer to that.

Avoid signup third party sites with using social media account

     Try to avoid third-party sites signup with using your Business accounts. Create one separate email id for third-party sites signup.

Additional Tips 

  • Don’t save your passwords on your device notes, Contact
  • Don’t use the same social media password for third party login
  • Try to change passwords two months once
  • Use different security questions
  • Don’t share mail accounts linked with your social media