8 Most Common Mistakes to be avoided in Instagram

 Mistakes to be avoided in Instagram

Everybody makes mistakes but it’s our necessary duty to learn from our mistakes and rectify them next time. It’s okay to make mistakes. To shine more as an effective influencer on Instagram, try to avoid these simple mistakes.

Here we have listed out some basic mistakes we all do on Instagram and how to rectify them.

Remember Instagram is a visual medium

Instagram is a visual platform. Always remember the audiences are more attracted to pictures and videos than long textual content. Avoid conveying your views and branding your products through text forms. Visual forms like photos and videos are more effective. 

Keep it short

  • While posting a story, avoid posting too many texts. Keep it short and crisp. Many audiences might avoid reading long texts. Instead of posting one single story with a long text, split the content and post into 3-4 stories. 

  • Always post only the necessary information alone and avoid unwanted content. Keep it to the point.

Blurred and Unoptimized pictures 

  • Everyone love to see a good and attractive picture. So avoid posting unattractive, blurred, and low-quality pictures.

  • Try to post the pictures in original quality and it’s always necessary to post the appropriate and relatable picture for the content.

Stickers and GIFs

  • Stickers and GIFs enhance your story. Try to add one or two stickers alone. Avoid using too many stickers as they may spoil the content. 

  • Sometimes stickers and GIFs may mislead. Always try to add only the appropriate stickers.

  • The positioning of stickers is a must. Place it in a place where it is accessible for the viewer and easily readable. Keep it short, straight, and neat.

Too many filters

  • Try to keep it real. Avoid adding too many filters and effects as they may ruin the originality.

  • At the same time, a perfect filter can enhance the quality of the content being shared. So use the filters wisely and in a neat way.

Reels and Subtitles

  • Nowadays reels are the biggest trendsetter. You can share your content in a more attractive way via reels.

  • Try to focus on a wide range of audiences and for that use subtitles in your reels. This may be useful for many people and more people are attracted to subtitles.

  • Subtitles make your reel look professional and attractive.

Share wisely

  • When sharing someone else’s content or information, don’t share it without any details. Add their post to your story and write some information about the content being shared. 

  • You can also give credits to the creators. This is a nice gesture and the creator’s audience will also come and check out your account. 

Avoid spamming

  • Avoid spamming with too many stories and posts. Post it only if it is absolutely necessary.

  • Some audiences may get offended by spamming and this may result in a loss.

All the tips mentioned here are featured just out of our own experience. If you have any recommendations and tips please tell us in the comments below.