Best free cloud storage 2GB to 100GB – 2021

      In this technology world, storage takes a more important role in every activity. Because data storage is very essential and also many people need cloud storage to store their data for future use. So recent days mobile, laptop devices also increase storage size on their device. But this storage is also not enough for users. If they want to increase storage physically, It’s very difficult to access, and the price wise it is a little costly. So many people moved to choose cloud storage for their extra storage online. Many sites give free storage for limited in online. Here listing few websites for best in cloud storage. 

Best cloud storage sites 

  1. Google Drive    
  2. Dropbox
  3. i Cloud
  4. MediaFire
  5. iDrive
  6. Degoo
  7. Mega
  8. pCloud
  9. Box
  10. Onedrive

Google Drive 

     Most people use google drive to store data and share it with others. Google drive gives 15GB of free storage per Gmail account. If you want more storage to the extent, pricing starts from Rs. 1300 per year. 


     Many mobile brands give dropbox inbuild but many people do not interested to use this cloud. Because the interface is not user-friendly and also Dropbox gives only 2GB for cloud storage. But this site has one good free option to extend your cloud storage to 16GB for free. If you refer one user, this site gives 500MB free. You can extent your Dropbox storage to 16GB using this referral method.
   If you want more storage the pricing starts from $11.99 per month.  

i Cloud Drive

     I clouds give 5GB of free storage for Apple users. But is very difficult to use on non-Apple devices. But the big positive is you can extend storage at a cheap price. 50GB storage plan per month is just $0.99 only. (The pricing will differ based on country)


     Most of the YouTubers used MediaFire to share files with their subscribers. It gives 10GB of free cloud storage if you want the extent pricing starts from $5 per month.

i Drive 

     I drive gives 5GB free storage if you want to extend the pricing starts from $59.52 for 5TB Storage.


     One best massive cloud storage in this list. Degoo gives 100GB of free cloud storage and if you watch small advertisements you can get small extra storage.


      Mega gives 20GB of Free storage but this site little slow to upload and download process. The extra storage pricing starts from Rs. 433.48 per month.


       pCloud give 10GB of free storage and Unlock extra storage with referrals. Bit one big drawback is File encryption requires a paid subscription, it’s not free. So here data transfer security is a question mark to users.
      In subscription pricing available two methods are annual and lifetime. 


     Box gives 10GB free storage but in the free version, there is a 250 MB file upload limit. The premium plan pricing starts from Rs. 785 per month for a single user. 

One Drive 

     One drive Integrates with Office 365. It gives 5GB of free storage included with their plan, with a 100GB file-size limit.