Best Free language learning sites online free

Ever admired a new language so much and gone crazy to learn it? 

If yes, then this is absolutely for you. 

Learning a new language is always fun and at the same time, it will enable an opportunity for you to earn more. The demand for language specialists is very high and learning a new language will always open a new opportunity for you. 

Here we have listed the top 5 free language learning sites which have both website and app which supports both Android and iOS. 

Best Free language learning apps and websites

You can access all these apps for free and learn your desired language and take assessments to check your proficiency at the end. 



  • Busuu doesn’t contain more language options to choose but it offers a very high-quality learning experience for beginners. 
  • You can choose the language which you would like to learn and choose the course from beginner to intermediate level and you can start learning the structured course materials. 
  • The best part is, after completing all the courses you can download the Mcgraw-hill education certificate for the language you’ve learned. 

  • A free account offers basic courses and you can also subscribe to a premium plan to access all advanced content. 

Mango Languages

Mango Languages

  • It offers more than 70+ languages for free from various public libraries, schools, and other organizations. 
  • You have to create an account first and then select the language you would like to learn. Then follow the on-screen instructions provided. 
  • Mango offers a 2-week free trial and you can subscribe after that or you can find the organization which offers it for free by entering your zip code. 

50 Language

  • This is the most commonly recommended site for learning a language and it is known to be a great resource with high-quality content for easy learning. 
  • It’s very much helpful when used with another app or site in conjunction to enhance the experience. 
  • It contains more than 50 Language materials with more than 2500 language combinations to learn and it’s absolutely free. 
  • It contains free audio files, quizzes, and more than 100+ learning courses. 


  • It is one of the best language learning apps which contains around 35+ languages. 
  • It is a great learning platform for beginners and offers free full access to all the content. 
  • The most attractive feature is, it is enabled with a reward system where you can finish a level and the next level gets unlocked after that.


  • Memrise is a highly advanced language learning platform and for serious learners, this is the best option to start. 
  • Only a limited set of languages are available. Around 20 languages are available in this along with simple techniques to learn and remember them easily. 
  • You can create an account and access basic content for free. After that, if you would like to access advanced content, you can subscribe to monthly, annual, or lifetime plans. 

All the apps and websites mentioned here are featured just out of our own experience and usage. If you have any recommendations for other apps and websites please tell us in the comments below.