Best mobile video editing apps in 2021

     Over the last few days, many people have been editing videos in various designs using their mobile phones.  And also many mobile apps perform well equal to big software. Here are listed few best mobile apps based on that app’s performance and people ratting on the official download page.  


     One best mobile video & photo editing app with a high ratted video ending app in Google play store. Almost 11 million people give ratings of 4.8 out of 5 in the Google play store. and also in the App Store, 1.3 million IOS users give a 4.8 rating. 

App Features 

 ★ Video cut, trim, delete middle part, Adjust Video speed, Crop 

 ★ Picture to video making

 ★ Add music, Music effects, Voice-over, Adjust volume sounds, Fade on and fade out 

 ★ add video transition ( to combine two footage)

 ★ Kay frame, Stickers, Text animations 

 ★ Export video with High quality. This app support from basic to 720p, 1080p, 4K with 30fps and 60fps.

 ★ Free watermark removed just watch a small advertisement 

 ★ If you unlock more features go with the premium version

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 ★ Download now (Android Users)

 ★ Download now (IOS Users) 

Film Maker Pro

     This app will very useful to high length video editors and then in this app available lot of intro templates, it will help to make an intro.

App Features

 ★ Crop, Trim, Cut, Duplicate videos 

 ★ Free video intro templates

 ★ Add popular effects (Like Shake & Glitch)

 ★ Video speed control, Make  slow motions and fast forward videos 

 ★ Text animation presets

 ★ Funny and cute Stickers and emoji 

 ★ Sound Effects, Add music, Voice over

 ★ Transition effects (50+ effects)

 ★ Blending mode, add multiple layers, multiple timelines 

 ★ Green screen And Chroma key (to use replace background)

 ★ Export videos 1080p & 4K (Based on your Device) 

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 ★ Download now (Android Users)

 ★ Download now (IOS Users) 


Quik – Go Pro

     The best app to edit a photo to video slideshow and this app helps to Import photos and videos from your phone, GoPro, or any other camera.

App Features

★ Create a photo video slideshow 
★ Customized and designed slide show templates available
★ Add music, Title text, and add Text on every photo on the slideshow
★ Adjust frame size and keyframe
★ Automatically Backup Your GoPro Footage and Unlimited Backup at 100% Quality
★ Speed Expert with high quality 

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    Most PC users used to edit videos using filmora software, Developed by WONDERSHARE TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED. Now this software available application version with a lot of features text, audio, emoji, special effects, filters, backgrounds, etc. Easy and practical video editing app and movie scene maker for both film directors and beginners.

App Features

★ Adjust the direction, speed, and orientation of the layer as it moves from point to point
★ Over 1000 different styles of music, including brisk, rhythmic, healing, quiet and more
★ Support reading local music(From your file manager), extracting music from video, recording your own voice-overs
★ Text styles and fonts to create artistic subtitles
★ Add multiple texts to video & photo, mass editing effects
★ Add lot designs of Glitch, VCR, blur, love, flame, split-screen, and other special effects
★ Custom video export resolution, HD pro video editor
★ Share to all social apps YouTube, Instagram, IGTV, Facebook, Whatsapp, Tik Tok, etc.

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     The best full-featured video editor and video maker. In this app, you can add music, transitions, motion titles, effects, emoji, background, filters and etc.

App Features

★ Fast forward or slow-motion videos with speed adjustment
★ Trim, splice, and rotate videos with simple taps in the timeline
★ Control brightness, color, and saturation with precision
★ Combine pictures and video in one clip using the multi-timeline feature
★ Add direct voiceovers recorded on your mobile device
★ Fix shaky cam footage with video stabilizer feature 
★ Stylish customized intros with animated titles
★ Replace the background with the green screen by using the chroma-key option
★ Create spectacular double exposure effects from video overlays and blending-modes features
★ Create video and picture collages using PIP overlays
★ Lot 100+ of free templates, video effects, filters, background music, and sounds available in this app

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Adobe Premiere Rush

     Advanced video editor app for mobile users from the adobe side. But one big disadvantage is this app compatible with about twenty slightly muscular Android smartphones only.

App Features

★ Add music and titles to videos and apply video effects to clips in your multitrack timeline
★ Built-in professional camera functionality lets you capture high-quality content right from the app
★ Arrange video, audio, graphics, and photos using just drag and drop
★ Trim and crop videos, flip and mirror video clips, and add images, stickers
★ Add overlays to video clips
★ Adjust the video speed with speed controls and enhance color with intuitive presets and customization tools
★ Create pan and zoom effects for images using just one click
★ Make videos pop by simply selecting the start and endpoints on still images, and changing the scale and position as needed.
★ Access built-in animated graphics such as titles and overlays. Change the color, size, font, and more to make them yours.
★ Add music to videos, including thousands of original, royalty-free soundtracks, sound effects, and loops available 
★ Crop videos, resize videos from landscape to portrait to square


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Adobe Rush


     KineMaster is one best video editing applications, easy to edit videos with lots of powerful tools, downloadable content, and much more. In recent days many YouTubers used to edit videos using this kinemaster only. 

App Features

★ Import and export project files
★ Cut, splice, and crop videos easily
★ Combine and edit videos, images, stickers, special effects, text, and more
★ Add music, voiceovers, sound effects, and voice changers in video
★ More than 2,500 downloadable transitions, effects, videos & images, stickers, fonts, and animations available in the kinemaster store
★ Create visual effects by reversing, speeding up, adding slow-mo, and applying blending modes to videos
★ Use color filters and color adjustments to make the video stand out
★ Keyframe animation tool to add motion to layers
★ Save the video in 4K 2160p at 30FPS with high quality

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VN Video Editor

     VN Video editor is very useful to beginners to make professional videos. 

App Features

★ Easy to split, drag, delete, and duplicate video clips
★ Multi-layer timeline, Curve speed.
★ Green Screen and Chroma key
★ Keyframe animation and curve.
★ Add music and Support multiple soundtracks and adjust the duration
★ This app supports changing video speed easily
★ Add title slides, text overlays in the video timeline
★ Change font, color, size of subtitles, and Adjust the subtitle duration
★ Save draft your work whenever you need a break.
★  Save the video with the best quality

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     Here listing all applications are available both Ios and Android users and also some apps available as software with more features on the PC version. And then here listing only a few best video editing apps only based on Google play store and Apple app store user reviews and some editor’s personal experience. All video editing applications are available for free and premium versions. If you beginner just use the free version, after that if you feel comfortable using that then you can buy the premium version to unlock more features. Because only the premium version feels easy to access all features with a user-friendly experience.