Best sites to host your website for free

Best sites to host your website for free

Are you a beginner interested in launching your own website?

A website to very much important for online businesses and for people who want to showcase their content and portfolio works. A good website speaks volumes. It is very much important to maintain a professional website.

It is always recommended for beginners to go for free website hosting sites than going for paid hosting platforms. Once your website reaches more audience and your business develops, then you can upgrade for paid hosting. In a free hosting platform you can learn more about website hosting and building and you can apply that learning in paid hosting sites.

Here we have listed a few highly recommended and user-friendly free website hosting platforms


  • Google cloud web hosting is not completely free like other hosting platforms but it offers a one-year free trial.

  • This one-year free trial includes one website and also has unlimited storage.

  • It also includes extensive support documentation facilities. 



  • InfinityFree is powered by iFast net for free web hosting. The most attractive feature of this is, it offers unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth.

  • It offers knowledgebase support and contains around 400 MySQL databases.

  • It comes with an auto-installer that contains more than 400 different applications including WordPress and it also contains free subdomains.



  • Github is highly recommended and used by a wide range of people for hosting their websites.

  • It has special features that allow free hosting for projects like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.,

  • It is known to be the largest and most advanced development platform in the world.


  • Netlify is used by many users and it is easy to access as well.

  • Netlify also offers free hosting for the Gatsby website and it is user-friendly.


  • It is highly impressive as it contains No Ads.

  • It offers free web hosting with a free subdomain.

  • It also includes PHP, MySQL, free app installer, and offers email sending also.



  • Firebase is fast compared to other hosting platforms.

  • It is highly secure for hosting web apps. It also offers easy hosting for static and dynamic content and other microservices.

All the sites mentioned here are featured just out of our own experience and usage. If you have any recommendations for other sites please tell us in the comments below.