Best Websites to download PC Games for Free

PC Games for Free

Are you a Gamer? Does gaming give you relief? 

A gamer is always greater than a normal man. You don’t need to get a life as you have lots of lives!!

Here are some best websites to download PC which are absolutely free


  • Crohasit is known to be the best website for providing the latest and upgraded games to gamers. 

  • These games are copies of original games, providing a real-time experience with limited functionality.

  • As these are only copies, there are certain limitations to this website. These games don’t contain multiplayer functionalities, there won’t be any future updates to the available content and the addition of DLC’s.

Fitgirl Repacks

  • Fitgitl repacks is well-known for the distribution of pirated video games.

  • These are known for compressing the actual games which are known as repacking, making the download and sharing process easy.

  • Fitgirl Repack has rated the sixth position in 2021 by TorrentFreak among the Top 10 most popular torrent sites list.

Oceans of games

  • Oceans of games are known to be one of the oldest and most popular websites recommended by many game lovers.

  • They don’t offer all the games but still, many popular and most recommended games are available that are easy to download and play. 

  • The servers work well and it makes the download process easy and fast compared to other websites.

Skidrow reloaded

  • Skidrow reloaded is one of the top websites recommended by many users. 

  • It has an extended range of games available and is very easy to download and access.


  • Steam-powered is an advanced website that has many features like playing games, discussing among, and creating games for access of other gamers.

  • More than 30,000 games are available on this site and are very easy to download.

  • They also have launched steam hardware services, which include a steam controller and VR technologies for making the gaming experience on PC even more efficient. 

Mega games

  • Mega game is an amazing site designed exclusively for hardcore gamers.

  • A wide range of games is available ready for download and easy access.

Please Note: Here mentioned all websites are the best sites from my opinion If you know any other best sites comment below