Do you use ‘Night Mode’ on your phone? This is the startling information released ..

Night Mode :

Night Mode features are provided for nighttime use on your iPhone and Android phones. It’s called Night Shift Mode on the iPhone and Night Mode on Android smartphones. This mode is used to save our eye power. 

Does Night Mode on your phone really keep you safe?

Brigham Young University recently conducted a new study related to this Research. 

Is it dangerous for your eyes and your sleep?

Apple has introduced Night Shift on its device with the launch of its iOS 9. This feature adds warm light to your display. This is exactly what the Night Mode of the Android phone does. Researchers have found that when you operate your device in bright blue light, it can damage your eyes and affect your sleep. Unfortunately, BYU researchers do not agree.

The study found that Apple’s night shift mode works against users’ sleep, while low-brightness light harms the user’s body clock.

Research – Divide and test users into three groups :

  They conducted a study on the effects of blue light on the effects of sleep on users, first dividing the experimenters into three groups.

One group used their devices in night shift mode at night, another group used their smartphone in normal mode at night, and lastly, this study was conducted with a group that did not use a smartphone before bed.

In the second phase of the study, the researchers divided the people participating in the study into two groups.

The results :

This includes a group of people who sleep seven hours a day and those who sleep less than six hours. It said those who did not use their phones before going to bed were better off and their health was better. The results revealed startling information that people who used phones while sleeping had problems such as insomnia.

     This study found that there was no difference in sleep patterns, especially among those who used their phones, whether they used night shifts or not. Blue light has been shown to keep users awake during sleep and make sleep more difficult. It has been said that the health of the body is definitely affected if sleep is not available properly.

Do you need to sleep at the right time? So this is the only thing that needs to be done :

     However, we need to think about which part of that stimulus acts as the cause of light emission against cognitive and psychological stimuli.

If you are someone who struggles to get sleep at the right time, it is definitely healthier for you not to use your iPhone or Android phone before you go to bed. This is the only way to get rid of grief right now.


     Try to avoid Nighttime mobile or system using in a dark room. If any important,  you can use with bright light conditions. It will save your eye power. The major problem is not about using mobile phones at night time, using darkroom only problem. But it will save only eye power not save your sleeping-related issues, Only night sleeping gives better energy but in recent days many people are working in night shift so that people save your health also…