How clean your mobile phone? – Speaker cleaner – Remove water & fix sound

      The mobile phone’s most used thing is Speaker, But no one cares about the mobile speaker. In recent days mobile phones companies launch mobiles with waterproofing but sometimes a small amount of water fill speakers will make a fault on your mobile speaker in the future. Here list of the best application to clean your speaker.

Application Details

  • App Name – Speaker cleaner – Remove water & fix sound

How to use this application?

  • Download this application from the Google play store
  • Open that application
  • Select the ‘CLEAN SPEAKER’ option
  • It will load 0 to 100
  • While this cleaning process set the volume to the maximum
  • And lay your mobile phone with the screen facing down
  • After done processing, 100% select once ‘TEST SOUND’
  • If you feel your speaker sound is ok, close that application
  • In case if the sound is still muffled, Restart again

How to work this Application?

  • After selecting clean speaker bottom, this application plays a sound from your mobile speaker
  • This sound force your speaker and helps to clean process

Application Link