How to create a Fiverr profile and GIG? – Tips for Beginners

      Fiver is one best freelancing site for beginners. Here you can list your skills and get orders from clients. 

How to create a Fiverr profile? 

  • Go to Fiverr official site
  • Create your account using Email ID, Google Account, Facebook Account, or Apple Account
  • Choose your user name and password
  • Login your account
  • Click your profile and select ” Became a Seller”
  • Complete basic details 
  • Add a detailed description of your service 
  • Link your social media accounts 
  • After completing your profile start creating Gig

What is Gig in Fiverr?

     The listing of your service details is called a Gig in Fiverr. Gig creating is very important to every freelancer in Fiverr. This gig only helps you to improve everything in Fiverr.

How to Create Gig on Fiverr?

  • Go to the Fiverr seller page and click Gigs
  • Now click Create New Gig
  • Add a title – I will Create …..
  • Add category and Meta tag
  • Enter Gig Pricing, Starting from $5
  • Add a detailed description about that gig
  • Add Question and Answer in FAQ section
  • Add photos, Video, PDF
  • Check all details and then publish your Gig

Tips for Beginners on Fiverr

  • Add a detailed description about you and Gig Description 
  • Use trending meta tags, Refer your Gig based others Gigs 
  • Use keywords on Gig’s Description 
  • Try to add low price till getting the first few orders and positive reviews
  • Take Fiverr skill test ( Maximum answers available on Google)
  • Fill in all your details on your Fiverr profile
  • Don’t list multi-category Gig, For example, if you give Graphic design related service, list only that related services on Gig
  • Share maximum on your social media, Better to create a new Instagram page for your service 
  • For more info check the Fiverr help and education section  

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