How to create cartoon art in mobile phone within two minutes? – Mobiile

What is cartoon art? 

 In recent days many people are posting their social media in this type of digital vector cartoon art photos. Some people are designing and sell this type of photo.

How to create? 

 It is very easy to create on mobile within two minutes. Just follow this mentioned below steps.

Required :

– Mobile applications – PICS ART, TOON ART ( Direct download link below
– Image clips ( Download from below) 
– Small editing knowledge or interest

Follow these steps :

-Download both required apps from the play store
-First, open the Toon art app 
-Choose your best photo, It automatically converts cartoon type
(NOTE; Choose which photo looking good on face )
-Choose a white background 
-Now open the Picsart app
-Choose a background (Image link below)
-Choose a custom cartoon image (Image link below)
-Now choose photo – Created nu toon Art
-Remove background and cut your face only
(If any doubt in remove background, watch this video) 

-After cut that face, add perfect which size do you want
-Adjust color using PicsArt adjust option
-Yes… Now successfully done work and create cartoon art with perfect. 
Required Images : 
Background Image :

Cartoon Images :

App Download Link :