How to create E – Book? Easy steps

 What is E-Book? 

   Now many people are interested to read E book. An E-book means it’s not a physical book, it is just book as a PDF type in Digital Format.

E – Book – Electronic Book

 How to create E-Book?

       Many ways there to create E-book. In there give an idea to create a simple way to create E-Book with easy tips by step by step. 

Required things to make E-Book :

1) Laptop/ Mobile Phone / Tab / PC

2) Good Internet connection

3) App / Software : Notes / Word

4) Website: Canva , PDF Maker

5) Typing skills and your valuable time


Step 1: Type full content in MS Word / Notes 

Step 2: Go to Canva website [ Link – ]

Step 3: Signup with using your Google account easily

Step 4: Click create design and select Newsletter

Step 5: Select your favorite Designed template

Step 6: Now you can copy you’re content and paste it there 

Step 7: After finished that, Download the images in PNG type

Step 8: Create E-Book cover 

[ What is E-Book cover? How to create that? Click here to read more….]

Step 9: Now convert PDF to all your images

[ How to create an image to PDF? Click here to read more…..]

Now your E-Book Ready……..!


– To Mobile users: Canva also available application type. Better to use canva website in your browser. 

– Don’t type directly in Canva. Because sometimes you can lose your content due to internet connectivity issues. So better to type in MS Word/ Notes and copy-paste there.