How to create PayPal Account? | Tips and Idea |

PayPal Account

What is PayPal Account?

      PayPal account is a Digital payment service that is used for Online shopping and foreign transactions. It operates a worldwide online payment system to transfer money online.

PayPal History:

      PayPal is an American company. This company was founded in December 1998, In California, USA. Founded by Elon Musk, Peter Thiel, Max Levchin, Ken Howery, Luke Nosek, Yupan. 

How to create PayPal Account?

  • Go to PayPal’s official website.
  • If you have already a PayPal account, Click log in or do not have an account Create an account using your mail-id.
  • After creating an account, create your profile like user name, profile photo, address details.  
  • Mobile users Download PayPal App from your Playstore/ Apps store, it’s a user-friendly application.

How to Add/Link a Bank account in your PayPal Account?

  • Go to setting 
  • Click “Bank Accounts and Cards”
  • After that click the “+” icon, and add your bank details and link your ATM card easily. 
NOTE; PayPal accept only International cards like  Visa, Master card


Is RuPay card accepted by PayPal?

  • In India, Many people are using only RuPay cards. It’s not an international Card. So you cant add a RuPay card to your PayPal Account. 

How to change a RuPay card to a Master card?

  • Go to your bank account’s home branch, Ask them for terms and conditions and change your card RuPay to master easily.

Why need PayPal Account?
  • Easy to transfer money to international transactions.
  • PayPal accounts very important to Freelancers and online business Because much online business system accepts only PayPal account.
  • It is a faster and secure way to international transactions.
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