How to create Vector Art in mobile?

How to create vector art on a mobile phone using the PicsArt application?

     In Recent days image art are very familiar to people and also many ar create art look images to present surprise gifts for their friends and family. At the same time, many people are love and liked to design Images for cartoon art. 

How to make Cartoon art?

     Many ways there to make images for cartoon art. If you are best in graphic designing works you can try Photoshop and illustrator or If you don’t know anything about editing works you can try cartoon art convertor apps or sites. But you need to learn and make perfect cartoon art with your own ideas and design, here are small tips for you to make perfect cartoon art. 

     [Please note, here mentioned values will change based on your image] 

Application: Picsart

Video :

Step 1 :

 Download and Open Picsart on your mobile.

Step 2:

 Click ” + ” Icon and Select Your photo. 

Step 3 :

 Select ” Effects (fx) ” Option.

Step 4 :

 Scroll left select ” Neo-Pop” (It takes 20seconds to load). After finished loading, Click Neo pop icon   Fade 65 – 75 (Normal) 

Step 5 :

  Again clock fx,  Magic.
  Now select “Pow “. 
  Select Fade 70 – 75 (Normal) 

Picsart >Select your photo > FX > Magic > Neo pop > Fade Normal 65 – 75 >Save >Again fx > Magic > Pow > Fade Normal 70 – 75 > save 

Please Note

     Here mentioned all values will change based on image colors and quality. So adjust the value based on your image.

Additional Tips

  • Try to use Gold version Picsart to get High-quality Output
  • Don’t use the mod version app
  • Check youtube tutorial videos to improve editing knowledge 
  • Use different effects to add more art look to your picture
  • Learn about color corrections and try this in picsart
  • If you are a beginner in editing you can try basic image editing works in starting days