How To Delete unwanted Promotional, Junk And Social Emails In Gmail!

      Mail account is very important for this digital world. At the same time, many sites and apps ask your email account for the signup process. So they collect your mail ID and then they will send promotional messages to your mail ID. 

     Sometimes many promotions and unwanted mails are most irritating everyone and also these mails are the reason for fill your Gmail account storage easily, Recent days many people using only Gmail account, Gmail gives only 15GB Free storage, If this storage will full on your account then you can pay for extra storage. 

         Here listing some small tips and steps for deleting unwanted Emails on Gmail. 

How To Delete Unwanted Emails in Gmail Account?

  • Go to Inbox By Gmail site on your browser (Link Below)
  • Sign in to your Gmail Account, Which accounts you will going to delete unwanted mails
  • After Done signing Process, Select Inbox
  • Now your Emails categorized three types called Primary, Social, and Promotions
  • Here you can select categories one by one and click select all bottom 
  • Now click the delete icon 
  • You can delete 50 emails at the same time 
  • And also If you want an extra category, you can add updates and Forums category and it will help to delete unwanted emails easily.

Important Notes

  • Here emails are categorized based on your email send username. Sometimes some important mails are also categorized in this list, So you can check once before deleting
  • If you delete any important email no problem you can go trash section and recover your deleted one easily 
  • All your deleted emails are stored in the Trash section 
By using these methods you can delete your unwanted emails easily and it is your own risk only if you delete any important email, So before deleting emails check once.