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 What is Reselling?

      Reselling is a business that process of buying a product wholesale and gets profit from sell that product.

Online Reselling Business:

     Same procedure, But using this to sell and promote products online.

Online Reselling Process Step by steps:

  1. Download websites (Meesho, Shop 101 & …)
  2. Create Account
  3. Select product and promote that from your social media accounts (How to promote – Social media Marketing, check the future article) 
  4. If anyone is interested in your products, get their address and contact details of them, order that product with add margin of amount. [For ex: If anyone wants your shared product, that product’s price is Rs.100, you can add a margin of amount like you add +50 and order that product with using your customer’s address and contact details]
  5. That reselling company will deliver that product to your customer.
  6. After delivering the product successfully to the customer, then your margin amount automatically transfers to your bank account. [NOTE; Amount will transfer after finished Return policy] 

Advantages of Online Reselling Business:

  1. Mobile or Pc and good internet connection enough to start Reselling business
  2. No need investment and invest your idea and time is enough 
  3. In best online Reselling websites available COD [CASH ON DELIVERY]. It makes trust your customers.
  4. No chance to lose anything here 

Disadvantages of Online Reselling Business:

  1. Any damage in product or any mistake, It makes a bad impression on your customer. Because the product is directly delivered to your customer. So you don’t know anything about that product, and the Customer also argues with only you only.
  2. If you resell any electric products, sure it will make an issue in your future, so please avoid this type of product.

But this is not the biggest problem, all the best to all upcoming Resellers. If you have any doubts related to Reselling contact us, Sure I will help you because in the Article type very difficult to explain about Reselling, So please check and refer to YouTube to get more information.

Best Reselling websites: