How To Keep Our Mobile Phone Safe From Malware Viruses – Smartphone privacy Security Tips

      Smartphones are introduced more advanced models in recent days. At the same time, these new smartphone features are an open easy way for hackers jus sending small malware viruses. They easily hack your mobile phone nowadays and stole your data and personal details. 

      Here listing few basic and advanced tips to prevent your privacy from hackers.


Smartphone Security Tips


  • Create a strong password for your Gmail and social media accounts. 
  • Don’t use the same password on all sites
  • Don’t save your password on your mobile phone’s notepad and any sites
  • If you think to forget your password in the future, Just note hind on your personal dairy
  • Use/ Enable Tow step verification method all your accounts 


  • Don’t download applications from third-party sites, Please use AppStore/ Google play store 
  • Check your mobile application manager settings, If you found any useless or unwanted apps, Just clear data and then uninstall that app. 
  • Clear app cache if got free time on Application manager 
  • Use the only mobile camera, Calculator, Dial pad, messaging, Keyboard apps 
  • Don’t install unwanted apps 

Secure network Connection 

  • Use the only trust secure wifi network connection
  • Try to avoid public wifi and non-secure wifi 


Secure browsing 

  • Use the only secure browser on your mobile, Best to use chrome 
  • If you browsing any sites, Check that site URL on top. It shows a lock icon, If you click that, shows “Connection Secure”. If any site shows non-secure, Don’t enter any personal details on that website. 

Don’t click & Scan

  • Don’t click unwanted links on your social media and SMS 
  • Nowadays many unwanted links send using link shortener websites, So before click that link once think about who send that and which purpose send you
  • Don’t scan unnecessary QR Codes

Additional Tips 

  • Don’t give your mobile phone unknown person and if you give your mobile phone to someone, Stay with him until you got back the mobile
  • Turn off mobile network connection, If you not using a mobile phone
  • Use app lock using inbuild mobile option
  • Use only mobile launcher, Don’t install the unwanted apps for this 
  • Don’t download MOD version apps