How to promote your products/Business via social media – Social Media Marketing – Instagram Marketing -Tips and Idea

Social Media Marketing: (SMM)

      It is a marketing (promoting) your products via your social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook page, YouTube &, etc. 

     Social media marketing is one of the best ways to promote your products/works/Business or anything.

How to promote your Products/Business?

  • Instagram marketing

What is Instagram?

       Instagram is one of the types of social media by Facebook. You can post Short videos, Long videos, Photos, stories. 

What is Instagram Marketing:

      Instagram is one of the best platforms to promote your business. 

How to create a professional Instagram Business page?

  • Click Signup with email or phone number (If you have a professional Facebook page, you can use that Facebook login)
  • Please use your Business mail id to create an account
  • After that select a unique user name and Name.
(NOTE: User name – Accept only small English letters | If anyone already using your name, you can add an extra word or digit | If you can set one user name, then You will change your username after 14 days. Name – You can use any Name here with any language) 

  • After this process, Skip for all options
  • Now you create your Instagram Account

Instagram Profile:

  • Click “Edit Profile”
  • Add profile photo (Use your business logo)
  • Website – You can add any link ( Facebook page link, YouTube channel link, or anything) 
  • BIO – Explain about your business (Only 150 letters) – Refer to other professional Instagram Accounts. 

Account Setting:

  • Go to “Settings”
  • Click “Account”
  • Drag bottom – Click the switch to Business Account ( Your account must in Public Account)


  • Now again go to the Edit profile option
  • Now add your profile information
  • Page: If you have an FB page, You can link your FB page there or Leave it.
  • Category: Select your Business Category
  • Contact Options: Add your Mail id & Phone number 
  • Profile Display and Action Buttons; Option, It’s your choice

How to promote your business via Instagram?

  • Post only your business-related posts
  • Use related hashtags 
  • Post 30 sec to one min Video on Instagram Reels. It will reach easily 
  • Post 6 to 10 posts every day. (Don’t care about likes in starting stage, If you use related hashtags, sure one post will reach)
  • Follow your business-related other Instagram pages. And that page post any new photos or videos, check that post’s liked persons and give follow request them. If they are interested in your page, sure they will follow you and support your business. (NOTE: Don’t give more than 50 Follow requests per day. If you do that, Your Instagram Account will disable temporarily for 1 week)
  • Don’t care about following and follower counts in starting stage, If you follow anybody, then only they will follow back you.
  • Please don’t try to get followers from illegal activities.
  • If you like to promote your Instagram page using Money, That option is also there. But promote the Best post on your Instagram page. Best to promote giveaway-type posts. And add rules to giveaway “follow your page, mention 3 friends in the comment section, share this post your Instagram story for 24 hours”. This types of post reach people easily and get followers and profile visitors easily.

Other tips and idea to promote your business via Instagram: 

  • Refer and follow ideas from your business-related other big Instagram accounts.
  • Post only related to your business-related posts. 
  • And share your business-related news on your Instagram story.
  • In festival season make a poster to wishes type and share that poster in your Instagram post.  
  • Give offers to festival season 
  • Don’t lose your hope in any situation. 

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