How to set password and product folder on your PC, Laptop?

      In recent days many people start to use PC and laptops. But some people forget to protect their data. For example, mobile users maximum use app lock to protect their data but PC and laptop users not do that. So here is a list of the best software to protuct your data with using folder locker software.

Software Details 

  • Software Name Anvi Folder Locker
  • Software Size  15MB
  • Supported devices Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows 10, Windows 7

How to Download Anvi Folder Locker?

  • Go to Anvi app Download Page
  • Click Download latest version windows button
  • After Download that software set up that

How to set up Anvi folder locker software?

  • After downloading the software, Double tab or click open
  • Popup will show, select yes
  • Now again one new popup will show there read that paragraph and click next
  • Now select Drive (Automatically it selected a folder c)
  • After selecting the drive, it will load (It take a minute , based on your system speed)
  • After the done installation process, a small text note will pop up there.
  • Read that popup and close that

How to use Anvi folder locker software?

  • Open software
  • Type the password and confirm the password 
  • Enter your Mail ID (in case if you forget your password, to recover)
  • After that select folder and set the same password or new password

How to open Anvi produced folder?

  • Right-click your mouse
  • Select an option ‘Unlock’
  • Enter password now
  • Now you can access that folder 
  • After using that folder, while clicking close bottom it shows a small popup
  • There you can click yes or no, there mean again do you want to protect that folder.

Software Download Link