How to start eBay business – Tips for Beginners | Tips and Idea

 What is eBay?

      eBay is one of the E-commerce sites. It is an American Multinational company located in San Jose, California. It was founded by Pierre Omidyar on September 3, 1995. 

    Official Website:

    Customer Care   : 1800 209 32 29

eBay E-commerce Business:

   eBay is also one of the best e-commerce business sites like Amazon, Flipkart. The seller creates profiles and listing products easily. And some sellers create a listing, sell with auctions type when a higher bidder will buy that listing product. Some sellers use this site for dropshipping and retail methods also. 

How to start an eBay business:

  • Create your eBay Account 
  • Add profile and some details 
  • Link your PayPal Account (How to create a PayPal account click here to read more…..) 
  • Choose your niche 
  • Listing your products 
  • Promote your products via your social media accounts 
  • After getting the order, pack your product and send a courier with a safe and perfect package. (Because Customer review is very important to your next order and improves your business)
Types of sellers in eBay: 
  1. Retail product sellers  
  2. Own product sellers
  3. Dropshiping sellers 
Retail products sellers:
        Most of the E-Commerce sellers are using this type only. It means to buy products at wholesale at the cheapest price and sell this product in E-Commerce with profit. 

Own product sellers:
       Some sellers create and sell their own products like crafts, Hand made food items and something.
Dropshiping sellers:
      This is one of the easy ways to do this E-Commerce business. It means listing your account from other E-commerce site products with a small margin of amount. 
eBay tips for beginning sellers: 
[NOTE: This all tips based on my own experience only]
  • Sell only trusted product 
  • If you sell your own products, please send to a good quality product with a perfect package. Don’t try to cheat your customer. Their positive review was very important to your business.
  • Share your products for social media accounts. Try Facebook’s new option ” Marketplace”.  And share your products with Facebook groups. Better to create your own account in Facebook groups, Instagram pages.  
  • In starting stage, don’t add a high amount of your products, After getting some positive reviews, then you can increase your product’s price.
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