How to use NGL – anonymous Instagram trending message

Recently this anonymous message link trend on Instagram. Here mentioned about this app and how to use.

How to get story Link

  • Download This NGL – anonymous Q&A App from Google Play store/ Apps store (Download Link Below)
  • After download this app Install it
  • Then enter your Instagram user name
  • Now this app will create a special Link using your insta user name
  • You can share that link easily on Instagram

How to share that anonymous link on Instagram story?

  • Follow the step 2 option on that app
  • Click share option
  • Now it will 4 steps like introduction
  • Click next step
  • Now you can share that picture on your Instagram story
  • Now you can copy that link and add there
  • If any doubts please follow below mentioned video

Introductions from App

  • 1. Share your
  • 2. Friends answer right on your story
  • 3. Get responses on NGL
  • To get even more messages, add your to your IG Bio!
  • To ensure the safety of our users we use world class AI content moderation. We utilize deep learning and rule-based character pattern-matching algorithms to filter out harmful language and bullying. Ultimately we believe that anonymity only works when it’s safe!

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