If anyone misuse your photo on Instagram, You can remove that photo yourslef… How?


 One of the famous and most used social media in this world. It is an app to used photos and video share and created a friends circle. And many people run their businesses on Instagram. On Instagram, you can upload your photos and videos in different ways like the story, reels, IG Tv, Short videos as posts. A lot of features there and at the same time many scams are also found by Instagram users. 

Instagram Negative side :

On an Instagram lot of fake profiles are created and misuse users’ personal photos. Particularly girls are affected more in this issue. Many fake accounts used girl’s photos to increase their followers.

If anyone misuses your photo on Instagram, How to remove that photo?

 Instagram has the option to raise a complaint if anyone misuses your photo.

– Open the given link on your browser ( Link on below)

– That link redirected to the Instagram help center

– It shows “Report a photo or video that violates your privacy on Instagram”

– Below that ask questions to “Do you have an Instagram account?

– If you have an Instagram account select yes if not select no

If you select yes: Ask a question like “Have you already asked the person who shared this photo to remove it?”. After that select answers to what question asked there, and give post links there. 

If you select no: Then it will ask different questions like “Do you have a link to the content that you’re reporting?” and related some questions.

– You can take time to fill in those questions, after filling in all details Instagram will review your complaint and take action on that post.