If you give information to this WhatsApp number, the tablets will search the house!

 The first wave of corona has had a major impact across the country. The incidence of the corona is slightly higher in the northern states.

Doctors say that lung infections that start five days after a person with a corona infection during the first wave of corona start within 2 or 3 days during the second wave. And medical experts are warning people that the corona that spread in the first wave can now spread in different forms and cause harm.

Home search drugs in the next 2 hours if reported via WhatsApp :

The Tamil Nadu Wholesale Pharmaceuticals Association has said that in case of any medical need, including Corona, home-based medicines will be provided within the next 2 hours if informed through WhatsApp.

That means 40,000 wholesalers across the state have teamed up to launch a drug distribution service through WhatsApp. The Tamil Nadu Wholesale Pharmaceutical Association is involved in a new initiative to find home remedies within two hours, especially for those who need medicine and need medical attention by calling 9342066888.

Tamil Nadu wholesaler speaking to reporters : 

Speaking to reporters in Chennai, Balasubramanian, president of the Tamil Nadu Wholesale Pharmaceuticals Association, said the drugs would be provided at a 50 percent discount to corona patients and the elderly, while others would be supplied at production prices.