PC shortcut keys (Basic/Windows/Word)

Shortcut Keys

               Shortcut keys are used access easy in computing;  This action may be part of the standard functionality of the operating system or application program, or it may have been written by the user in a scripting language.

 Basic PC Shortcut keys

Shortcut keys


Alt + F

File menu

Alt + E

Edits options



Ctrl + A   

Selects all text

Ctrl + Del  

Cut selected item

Ctrl + C   

Copy the selected item

Ctrl + V    

Paste the selected item

Ctrl + End

Go to the end

Microsoft Windows shortcut keys


Shortcut keys


Alt + Tab         

Switch [between open applications]

Alt + Shift + Tab             

Switch backward [between open applications]

Alt + Prt sc             


Ctrl + Alt + Del            

Reboot/Windows task manager

Ctrl + Esc                         

start menu

Alt + F4                       

Switch between Previous used screen

Ctrl + F4                   


Shift + Del               

Delete programs


Word shortcut keys

Shortcut keys


Ctrl + A

Select all Text

Ctrl + B

Bold [Select]

Ctrl + C

Copy [Select]

Ctrl + X

Cut [Select]

Ctrl + N

New Blank Doc

Ctrl +O

Open Options

Ctrl +P

Open Print

Ctrl +F

Open find box

Ctrl +I

Italicise highlighted

Ctrl +K

          Insert link

Ctrl +U

Underline highlighted

Ctrl +V

Pate [Which copy or cut text]

Ctrl +Y


Ctrl +Z


Ctrl +J

Justify paragraph alignment

Ctrl +L

Align selected text or lines to the left

Ctrl +Q

Align selected paragraph to the left

Ctrl +E

Align selected text or line to the center

Ctrl +R

Align selected text

Ctrl +M

Indent the paragraph

Ctrl +T

Hanging indent

Ctrl +D

Font options

Ctrl + Shift + F

Change the font Design

Ctrl + ]

Increase selected font Size +1

Ctrl + [

Decrease selected font Size -1

Ctrl + (Left arrow)

Move one word to the left

Ctrl + (Right arrow)

Move one word to the right

Ctrl + (Up arrow)

Move to the beginning of the Text

Ctrl + (Down arrow)

Move to the end of the paragraph

Ctrl + Del

Delete text to the right of the cursor

Ctrl +1

Single space lines

Ctrl +2

Double-space lines

Ctrl +5

1.5 line spacing

Shift + F7

Save as

Ctrl +F12


Ctrl + S


Ctrl + F2


Ctrl + W

Close document

 [If any Shortcut key was not working or mentioned wrong, Please comment below, it will help me to change mistakes]