Tips to prepare an effective resume for freshers

Most recommended tips to prepare an effective resume for freshers 

Are you looking for a perfect job?

 A perfect job always requires a perfect resume.

 Are you a fresher and don’t know how to prepare a perfect resume?

 Here we go…

 Here are some mandatory tips which may help you build a perfect resume.

 The first impression is the best impression. Always try to keep your resume impressive and unique.

  • Always try to create your own resume. Avoid seeking help from others as their creation may not be unique and your resume will lack your uniqueness. You may seek help from others for checking errors but avoid asking someone else to prepare a resume for you.

  •  Download templates online. You can find simple and impressive resumes in MS Word and Canva which are easy to edit.

  •  Enter the inputs of your own. Use your own words and vocabulary so that if the interviewer raises any question, you’ll be able to answer. Always be prepared with your resume.

  •  Customize your resume as per the job description and respective portfolio. Always try to update and edit your resume before applying for any job. Avoid using a common resume for all jobs.

  •  Always try to keep your resume short and crisp. Avoid believing in the myth that your resume is valued based on the number of pages. Try to put in only the necessary information needed.

  •  Don’t ever lie on your resume. Only update the things which you actually know. The interviewer may raise a question on the topic which you actually don’t know but you’ve updated on the resume. This may lead to an unpleasant result.

  •  Avoid including unnecessary information just in case to fill your resume page. Some unnecessary information may include Age, Height, Caste, Community, Marital Status, Hobby, Place of Birth, etc., Always try to design your resume only with the necessary information needed for the portfolio.

  •  Always check your resume not once but twice after completion. Mandatory checks include Spell check, Alignment check, Format check, and Grammatical error check.

  •  Typos are always a turnoff so avoid typos and basic mistakes.

  •  Always try to end your resume with personal information including Nationality, Age or Date of birth, Sex, and Languages known.

  •  The declaration part is always not necessary.

  •  Always try to highlight the Name, Contact Number and E-mail address as these are very important and always put these 3 things at the start of the resume.

  •  It is advised to add a professional photo of yours at the top corner of the resume.


Follow these simple steps and you’ll own a perfect and impressive resume. All the best. 

Best sites to create Resumes 

  • MS Word