Tips to Sell Successfully on Instagram – Engagement with followers

 Effective tips to sell and earn on Instagram

Nowadays everyone is using Instagram and they spend almost 75% of their mobile data and time in social media like Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc., 

Compared to other platforms, Instagram is considered to be more engaging and attracts more audience. Instagram is updating day by day with attractive features and the user rate is also increasing at the same time. 

Many people started doing online business on Instagram and it is highly profitable. Rather than using Instagram just to consume content, you can also start your business and start making money.

Here we have listed a few simple tips to convert your followers into customers and sell your products.

Keep it Attractive

  • Instagram is considered to be a visual platform and many people are attracted to visually appealing and satisfying content.

  • If you are selling your product, you should keep your product attractive and your pictures and description should be more unique and cool. 

  • Capture pictures of your products with a nice background, follow the recent trend like making reels for your products.

  • You can also maintain common templates, logos, and even grids to make your profile look elegant and attractive.

Show the results and testimonials 

  • Rather than telling people about your product, just show them the positive feedback and showcase the customer satisfaction that you provide.

  • As said before, Instagram is a visual platform and your audience will be more attracted to visual proofs. You should show the uniqueness of your products and show what’s great in your product with pictures and video proofs.

  • You can post pictures of positive feedback and reviews provided by the customers. You can also record videos and pictures of the customers being happy with your products. This will attract more audiences and enhance your business. 

  • Customer satisfaction is more important and you can showcase that in your posts.

Giveaways and Rewards

  • All of us are attracted more towards free gifts and goodies. As the audience will also be in the same mindset, you can offer giveaways and rewards to your loyal customers and followers.

  • This will be a nice gesture and push more audiences to try your products. 

  • Giveaways can also increase more followers and audience while rewards will retain your loyal customers and pull more audience.

Social proofs and its powerful impact on your business

  • Social proof is very important. We always use to go, search for a product that our friends use or we see on social media and we try to buy it just because the other person owns it. 

  • Likewise, our audience is also influenced by social proofs and these social proofs make a powerful impact on your business.

Contests and Polls

  • Be creative, you can also conduct social media engagement activities and contests like posting polls, bingos, and nominating people.

  • This way your page and product will reach more audience easily. 

All the tips mentioned here are suggested just out of our own experience and knowledge. If you have any other tips and strategies please tell us in the comments below.