Tips to sell your E – Book and earn money

 What is E-Book?

   E-BOOK means Electronic book. It is a digital book in PDF format. Now many people are moved to read E-books. So It need also increased day by day. 

How to Create E-BOOK? (click here to read more…..)

How to sell and earn money by using E-Book?

   The best platform to sell your Ebooks is Amazon kindle. You can create an amazon kindle account by using an amazon account easily. 

How to use Amazon Kindle?

– Open the Amazon kindle website (Link on BELOW)

– Login with using Amazon User ID

 (If you don’t have Amazon Account, Create a new account and login there)  

– Now you can publish your book there easily

– Please Note: Kindle will review your book after uploading, then only it will permit it to publish. It has taken time to within 2 days and If you can copy any content automatically it will detect Easily.  

How to Promote E-Books? 

Important Notes (In Publish) :

– Create a good and easy reachable title and description 

– Create a cover page with perfect because this cover image only will reach more people

– How to Create an E-Book cover page? (click here to read more…..)

– In starting set price little low, After got good reviews, then you can increase the price 

– Don’t try public domain books, please use your own creation books 

– Check spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes before uploading your book 

( Best tool to check spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes – )