Warning : Uninstall this app now – Google play store warning

In India recently a lot of Chinese applications banned and removed from the play store. And Google play store also removed many apps due to privacy issues. 

Now Google plays store again ban and removed one app.  


  Google play store recently removed an app named “Barcode scanner“, this app shows unwanted advertisements. 

  This app has downloaded more than 10 million people from the play store.  This app used to scan bar codes. Recently last year December (2020), This app released a new updated version. In this update, this app instead of Adware. After that this app shows unwanted ads to its users. Then Google play store find this issue and removed it from the play store. 

What we do now?

    Google play store officially removed this app from the play store. So new user can not download this app upcoming day, But if you already install and used this app before uninstall, you can do some steps

> Go to setting > Application manager > Go to This app > Click clear data > Uninstall now 

Additional tips ;

– Use only trusted apps 

– Install only apps from the play store 

– Use only needy apps

– Uninstall unnecessary apps 

– Before uninstall any app, clear data from the application manager