What is Instagram limits on follow and comments – Instagram action block issue

      Instagram allows a limited number of actions per day. These limitations are helps against the prevalence of bots and spam on Instagram accounts.

Limits per Day

     Related to engagement so high levels of organic engagement – Likes, Comments, and Shares can cut through the Instagram restriction. Here below mentioned the limits on Instagram.

  • Likes 1000 Per Day
  • Comments 200 Per Day
  • Posts Unlimited
  • Follows/ Unfollows 150 Per Day
  • Direct DM (Messages) 50 to 100 Per Day
  • Overall per day limit of 500 Actions
And please note that follows and unfollows are considered the same so factor that in per account. The most common issue in exceeding limitations is an Action Block. So recommend trying to avoid too many actions per hour and spread your actions out over the day. 

How to solve Instagram Action Block issue?

     If you got an Instagram action block issue on your account, please follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Text to Instagram help section and send to Action block screenshot (Report a Problem)
  • Logout your account and get back after or 24 hours 
  • In case your account after that also shows Action blocked popup then the only option, is you will wait for that mentioned duration.
Please Note: Try to follow Instagram, limits to avoid actions blocks. And here mentioned data are posted date, I will change in future if the change will update here.