How to Download R programing and R studio?

What is R?

   R is a language and environment for statistical computing and graphics.

  We need two software to R – R programing and R studio

How to Download?

[NOTE;   Please Read full till the end, then you go to download]

How to Download R programing?

– Click ‘R programing’  Download Link (Below)
– You will redirector R programming official website
– Check your system’s megabytes ( 32/64 bit)
– Click ” Download R 4.0.3 for Windows” (Top Left side)
[NOTE; Mentioned R 4.0.3 is current version – It will update in future]
– After Download install it.
[Download Link Below]

How to Download R studio?

– Click ‘R studio’ Download Link (Below)
– If you are a student or new to use R, You can download the Free version
– Click Download ( R studio Desktop Open source license FREE) 
– It will be redirected to the new page. Select there your OS (Windows/Mac/OTHERS)
– Then Click Download
– After download, Install it.

Download Links:

[NOTE: Download Both first and install 1st R programming then install R studio]