How to download no copyright music?

      In recent days many people starts youtube channels in various domains. Some people are starting channels to generate revenue and some other people stated for just delivering knowledge to their views.

     But if you are starting a youtube channel to make revenue, you will learn Youtube policies and the very important policy is copyright. 

Youtube Copyright Policy

Music Copyright Issue 

      Maximum music copyright does not affect your videos, Your video will continuously be available on youtube But if your channel enabled monetization, That video’s full revenue went to that original music Creator. 

Fake Copyright Music?

       If you want to use no copyright music on your video, Lot of free music is available on Google and Youtube but all this music are completely free? not sure because many creators give music and give the title as free but after a few days they give copyright to your video. 

      So most recommend the site to download no copyright music without any issues is Youtube official site music Library 

How to download no copyright music?

  • Go to youtube studio (If you are using mobile phone access this desktop mode)
  • You can see the options on your right side Dashboard, Content, Playlist and etc
  • Scroll down and select Audio Library 
  • Download here best no copyright music 
  • Here you can download Effects sounds also