Make Money with Canva – Best 10 Ways to earn money design with using Canva

      Canva is one best tool for graphic designing beginners. Here you can design everything easily by using templates and a lot of designing options, tools available.  

How to use canva site?

How to earn Money with canva?

     By using canva site you can design templates, sell your designs and earn money easily. Below is that mentioned best 10 ways to earn money design with using Canva.

  1. Canva Affiliate Program
  2. Become a Freelancer
  3. Business Designing 
  4. Poster/ Banner Designing
  5. Make Presentations
  6. Social Media Designer
  7. Sell printable products on Etsy
  8. Make YouTube videos
  9. Sell E-Book Cover & Magazine Designs
  10. Sell T-Shirts Designs

Canva Affiliate Program

     Canva provides earnings via an affiliate Program. Anyone can Join Canva affiliates program and start earning. Here you can make money for referring new Canva Pro users.
  • Register as an affiliate
  • Promote Canva Pro various platforms
  • When anyone clicks a link and signup to Canva Pro using your referral link, you make money.
  • Earn up to $36 for each new Canva Pro subscriber that signs up with your unique referral link.
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Become a Freelancer

     In Recent days, Particularly after covid freelancers grow worldwide. Because many companies and workers work in virtual environments so these types of companies hire freelancers to complete their projects. 
     If you become a freelancer in Designing field, sure canva is the best platform for you. Here you can complete your projects very fast and perfectly.

Business  Designing 

     By using canva, You can create and design logos, Business cards, Brochures, Visiting Card and more business-purpose designing works. You can get projects from startup companies and work that type of company Designing works.


Poster/ Banner Designing

Canva is one best site to create posters and banners. Here you can create posters using templates easily. And also you can create your own designs also with using a lot of tools on this site. In recent days many people need posters to promote their services, Business online and physical. So you can get orders from these people. 

Make Presentations

      Using Canva you can create presentations and access a lot of beautifully designed templates to create presentations on any topic. And also Canva provides a lot of free tools to design presentations. 
     By using this option you can earn money from business people. You can register a freelance website and get orders from them. 

Social Media Designer

     By using Canva, you can design social media posts. In Recent days many companies hire social media handling persons as freelancers. Or you can create one Instagram page for your own purpose, You can sell your digital works via that account.

Sell printable products on Etsy

     You can design and sell digital printable products online. Etsy is one best sites to sell your digital products. Here you can sell your designs, Just one time you can design and list their, It will help you to make passive income your lifetime. 

Make YouTube videos

     You can create short videos or text to videos format using canva animations videos. For example, on youtube, many people are running top 10 places using just using text and background kinds of music. So you can create these youtube videos and earn money using Adsence and paid promotions.

Sell E-Book Cover & Magazine Designs

     You can get projects from freelancing sites and Design E-book cover and Magazine using canva templates. 

Sell T-Shirts Designs

     By using canva designing tools, you can design T shirls designs and sell those designs on external sites. And also many best sites there to you can design and sell t-shirts online.

Other Earning Methods

     Here mentioned only the best 10 earning methods. Maximum methods are based on freelance type only. So you will learn about the basics of freelancing and order processing. But if you start with any freelancing sites as fresher, it’s a little difficult to start days. So you can create your own social media handles and DM with startup companies, Sure you will get orders easily.