How to recover deleted files from mobile – Free

      Many people search online after deleting their files to recover. But you cant recover all the files after deleted. Some mobile applications allow recovering a few photos free and some paid software is also there for this recovery process. 

  Here listed a few free steps to recover your Deleted Files.

  • Mobile Recent Deleted Files
  • Google Photos
  • Hidden Folders
  • Drive Backup
  • Whatsapp Hidden files

How to recover deleted files from mobile

Mobile Recent Deleted Files

     Recently launched all mobiles have an option like Recently Deleted Items. If you cant get this option please check your mobile file manager and setting.

     On some mobiles, you must enable this option on your mobile. For example, if you are Vivo mobile user go to your file manager setting and enable that option. Once enabled this option, automatically deleted files saved on the Recovery folder. You can go and Restore deleted files there easily.

     And also these Recently deleted files have some time limit, so restore your files within that time duration. 

Google Photos

     Every mobile has this Google Photos application. You can use this application to recover your photos and videos here.

     But before deleting your file you must create an account on Google photos for the backup option. If you are not doing this, then it’s a little difficult to recover files by using this option.

Hidden Folders

     This option helps to recover free images from your mobile phone. Here you can get only thumbnail images. Just go to your file manager settings and enable the option “Show hidden Files”. Now on your mobile, you can get some new folders starting with ‘. (Dot)’, Here you can get some deleted images.

     Copy these files and paste any other external folder.

Google Drive WhatsApp Backup

      Many people are taking their WhatsApp data backup on Google drive. If your backup includes a media option, you can get send and receive files easily.

Whatsapp Hidden Files 

     This process is also the same as hidden folders. You can enable “Show hidden Files” And then go to the WhatsApp file on your mobile folder. Here you can get WhatsApp’s send files and status images, Videos. 

Here mentioned all tips are followed by recent days in my device. These are best in my opinion. If you have any good options or ideas pleased mention that in the comment section.