Snapchat New update – Scan and get details

     Snapchat most popular messaging chat app to share snaps like photos and videos. This app is available to both android and ios users. Recently Whatsapp introduced new features like disappearing messages, This feature is already available starting in Snapchat.  

New Update 

     Snapshot introduced its scanning feature two years ago. It allows Snapshot users to scan objects through their phones and quickly find and learn more about them. Now, Snapchat has released an update for the feature that brings the scan button to the front and center to enhance its functionality.
     The scan allows users to scan multiple components, including food, plants, and clothing. and also said that the update will be available to 100% iOS users and Android users in the next few weeks.
     When people think of scanning they think of QR codes. The scan will also begin by telling Snapchat users to scan Snapcode to unlock unique AR experiences. However, over time, scans and extensions will build a bridge to your digital and real-world,  said in a statement.
     Snapchat users can access the Snapchat Lenses range to scan for more information. These include a plant scanner that can identify more than 400 dog breeds, 90 percent of plants and trees, and a car scanner that can identify the product, model, price, and review of about 450 cars.

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