How to backup and Restore all WhatsApp chat on Google Drive?

      Google Drive is one best and easy way to backup and restores your WhatsApp chat. Here’s a quick guide on how to backup your WhatsApp chats to Google Drive and restore that.


  • Open your Whatsapp (Check your WhatsApp update)
  • Click three dots and go to settings
  • Now select Chats and go to Chat backup
  • Now take backup all your chats (It take little log time based on your network speed and backup size)
  • If is this first time to take backup, You can select your google drive account and after that take backup
  • Try to take backup with using wifi 
  • Now done all backup processes on Google Drive


     The process of restore WhatsApp chats from Google Drive is easy and only takes a few minutes. To restore your chats, you must use the same phone number and Google account used to create the backup.
  • Reinstall the WhatsApp app on your phone (If you uninstall and lose your chats). Thus, you can recover chats via Google Drive. Open the messaging processor and verify your mobile number.
  • Now Whatsapp notify you to restore your chat backup, Select that
  • It takes a little longer period to restore all your backup history. After done this process, select next now you can see all your chats there

Important Notes

  • In the backup, if you enable include video then only you can access that in restore 
  • After restoring your chats, WhatsApp starts to restoring your media files. If you install WhatsApp without any backup from Google Drive, WhatsApp will be automatically restored from your local backup file. (In the same device)