How to delete OYO app Booking History

      OYO Rooms means On Your Own Room, Recent days many people prefer to budget stay for OYO Rooms Because in this we can book good comfortable rooms at very low and best prices. And also maximum married and unmarried couple prefers OYO rooms only. 

Why delete Booking History?

       Many people search about this to their privacy issues in the future. For example Google Chrome, Youtube allows to delete history But Some E-Commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart is not allowed to delete order history and many hotel booking sites also do not allow to delete your Booking history on their site. 

How to Delete OYO app Boking History?

      Two methods there to delete or transfer your booking history. The first method is to change oyo your account details and the second one is to delete the history one by one. 

Method 1 :

  • Go to account settings 
  • Change your OYO Account profile details like Name, E-Mail id, Mobile Number (You will verify your mobile number via OTP, before change)
  • After changing all account profile details just save that setting and your old previous mail id and phone number linked account  will automatically be deleted and history transfer to the new account 

Method 2 :

  • Open your OYO Application and check the update. If you do not update your oyo app please update that to the new version
  • Go to Bookings (Bottom), There shows all your booking and canceled oyo history details 
  • Just slide left to the right one booking history (Like same process youtube history deleting), Oyo ask confirmation to delete that, Click yes the history will be deleted from your account
  • In this method, you can delete history one by one only, No option delete all history with one click 
  • Here you can delete canceled history also with using the same process 

Additional Information

  • Both these two methods are not working try to contact oyo customer care via mail or call sure they will help to delete your history 
  • Oyo booking-related Customer care contact mail id is and