How to get a refund from an online transaction – Google Pay, Phone Pe, Paytm

      In recent days many people are using Digital transactions. But sometimes, many people face some issues while amount transaction. 

      One notable big issue is while the amount of transaction time, sometimes after enter pin amount transaction processing too long and notify you like amount traction processing, after few working days amount will send you receiver account or credited back to your account. This issue many online transaction users faced many bad situations times. Here give a few small tips for solving online transaction issues.

Please Note this

  • Try to avoid online transactions for unknown shops and unknown persons
  • While any issues amount transaction time, Report this issue and contact the official customer care

How to get a refund from an online transaction?

  • While transaction issue, Amount transaction processing and in case amount debited your account, Contact customer care and notify them immediately. They will promise you that your amount will send the receiver account within mentioned business days or your amount credited back to you same within mentioned working days.
  • After completing that working day, you cant receive the amount to your account contact customer care again, they will send one number for reference. You can go to your bank and discuss that issue with using that reference number or now many banks have official customer care numbers use that option also [Pleaee note: Contact bank’s official contact number]

How to get a refund amount when send to the wrong account?

      This is also one big issue while online transactions, If you send the amount to the wrong account please take immediate action, the same procedure was mentioned previous second point. But in this situation bank only help you to get a refund of your amount.