You can now login to Gmail without a password – New Update

 Google is about to launch a new feature to strengthen its security. After Google introduces this feature, you will no need to enter your password to log in to your Gmail account.

If someone tries to open your account with your password and username, it will not work. This means that your account will be more secure in the future.

Two Factor Authentication Feature 

 It Improving security now. That is, it will not be an option as it used to be. This will be activated automatically in your account.

Google says in its that users must use two-factor authentication to sign in to Google. With the help of this feature, the security of the users will be stronger. This feature is provided by default for properly configured accounts.

Gmail opens without a password?

After enabling this feature, no one else can open your Google Account without your device. Even if someone has your username and password, they will not be able to open your Google Account.

When you log in to your account with two-factor authentication, you will receive the code on your phone via SMS, Voice Call, or Google Processor. It is no longer possible for anyone to misuse your account if your password is stolen.

Password usage will end 

In the near future, the use of the Google password will be completely phased out. This is because people use a password for all accounts. Physical security keys can also be used for two-factor authentication or two-step verification. You can use the Physical Security key near your laptop’s USB port or phone.

Please Note 

     Many Changes and updates come and go, but security is a very important one nowadays, so use your phone or PC safe and secure!!!